THO Services Limited


The company commenced operations in 1926 when a building firm called Cordukes was established in Sydney.

Cordukes grew steadily, delivering construction and engineering projects to a range of commercial, industrial, government and mining customers. Many of these projects were in regional and remote locations, an area of project delivery wherein the company has extensive expertise.

In 1996, Cordukes listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In the same year, it acquired a diversified engineering and asset maintenance company called Thomas & Coffey to expand its capabilities and earnings base. At the time, Thomas & Coffey worked predominantly in the heavy industry and mining sectors providing a range of electrical and mechanical installation, maintenance and fabrication services.

As the organisation grew from being two distinct companies to a single integrated provider of asset and facility services, a decision was made to adopt a single name and a new identity. In 2006, the company changed its name to Thomas & Coffey, with the vision of being an integrated specialised industrial services provider delivering projects and services to high standards of safety, quality and regulatory compliance.

In January 2014, shareholders approved the sale of the majority of the business to the SKILLED Group, to be effected by the sale of a subsidiary containing the relevant assets and employing the relevant people, called T& C Services Pty Limited.